How to Beat the Heat

So, it’s summertime for your buns and I thought I’d share some tips and tricks I’ve picked up from having rabbits in hot weather with no air conditioning!

Harvey LOVES his box fan. No matter where it gets set in the room, he’ll camp out in front of it.

When the temperature hits 90º you need to start paying close attention to your rabbit because temperatures this high and hotter can be exceptionally harmful for your bun. Rabbits cannot sweat, which means they have a hard time regulating their body temperature.

You can check the temperature of your bunny’s ears, this is a really good tell as to how hot/cold your rabbit is.

My first step is to make sure that my rabbits’ cage is in a shady place, and that they have plenty of access to fresh water. On extra hot days, your bun will blow through a water bottle much quicker than usual, so it might be helpful to supply multiple water bowls/bottles.

To keep your rabbit even happier, consider adding ice cubes to the water to keep it nice and cold. Next, a really great trick is to fill plastic bottles with water and freeze them, so your bun can use them as ice packs, if they choose. Your bun may seem very lethargic so try placing the icepack against them as they lay to see if they like it.

Figaro cools down with a frozen icepack on a hot summers day.

I would also suggest wetting your rabbit’s ears when temperatures reach unbearable. It’s important to make sure no other part of your rabbit gets wet. (Wet rabbits can start to display signs of pasteurella!)

Another helpful tip is to go to a hardware store and purchase a marble tile. I have bought multiple tiles and rotate them in and out of the refrigerator. This gives your rabbit something nice and cool to lie on and escape from the scratchy, warm carpet!

And finally, make sure there is a nice airflow in the room. My buns prefer a box fan on the floor, one in the window and a stand up oscillating fan. They enjoy camping out in front of the fan when it gets extra warm!

Figaro rests in front of the fan after a long day of cord chewing and poop eating.


Lastly, if your rabbit becomes unresponsive or seems much more lethargic than usual, wet the ears immediately and call your vet ASAP.